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25 October, news, former chairman of the federal reserve, Alan Greenspan, (Alan Greenspan) the house government reform and supervision committee the hearing held that testimony, this financial crisis "happens Discount Office professional 2010 are for you.
once year". He also admits that his idea was wrong. He said, inadequate data is the one of the causes of the financial crisis.
According to foreign media reports say, for a long time, greenspan has been used for computer technology to prevent financial market risk gave high sure. For example, in 2005 he said, with more and more high computer processing power and improved risk assessment model, credit agencies to extend loans to subprime borrowers.
But mister greenspan in a hearing today, Download Office 2010 changes life.
said the computer system input data are rubbish. Alan greenspan, the financial services agency decision based on mathematicians and financial experts too, and gets the analysis of computer and communication technology support. But, the gleaming financial building collapsed last summer, the reason is the risk management system of data input is in the past twenty years of data. As is known to all, the past twenty years financial services business has developed at high speed, from the crisis did not encounter.
Greenspan also said that if the risk management system includes the past financial crises of the data, credit agency on the borrower Windows 7 is the best system ever.
the mortgaged property requirements would be much higher, the financial services industry also not like has so far not a pretty sight.
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- windows office China unicom announced on October 1,,
- download office 2010 Paul Jacob said: "the handset will become digital sixth sense.
- Microsoft Office In simple terms
- Outlook 2010 According to Alibaba
- Microsoft Outlook 2010 Thursday near closed

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 Buy Office 2010 This is the angel investors will look to China is one of the reasons Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Buy Office 2010 This is the angel investors will look to China is one of the reasons

According to introducing, these investors have a plenty of take money to come over, looking for together projects; Some of the money and the project with the intention, Microsoft Office 2010 has a very simple way to install.

want to look for agencies in China to help her to carry out.

WangJinSong said, through the online platform, is expected to shorten the project and capital between "joint time", increase the investment efficiency. Just a few months, through the online and offline all kinds of communication, only WangJinSong hands of successful projects has two list. More interesting is, the United States angel investment club even took a fancy to WangJinSong angel investment platform, is with the discussion cooperation matters concerned, such as, and "super investment angel nets" stock exchange, Do you ever buy the Office 2010 professional ?

or simply buy this website, etc.

The first domestic "enterprise portal" model website inscription nets, yesterday over a heavy transcript: introduce the international risk investment fund after nets of Ming, the first annual performance to 120 million yuan. Inscription information technology Co., LTD. Officials say, the digital refresh domestic web site in the first operational performance record. Office 2010 download is replaced by the Office 2010 product.

 The company plans to) in 2008 to America to listed on nasdaq, but from the actual operation of the process to see, this plan will greatly in advance.

According to information, inscription company in 2004 in shenzhen create, in July 2005 all out (China's first enterprise portal--nets of inscription. Later made amazing development, when 280% earnings growth, the country's major cities nearly 40 branches.






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 Microsoft Office 2010 download On July 21 Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Microsoft Office 2010 download On July 21

 Google news on Thursday announced after plate, the second quarter net profit growth of 110%, continue to expand its period in the network search advertising market leading position.

As dispatches from foreign news agencies report, according to Google release earnings shows, in the end of June by the second quarter, the company has net profit of $721 million, Outlook 2010 is replaced by the Office 2010 product.

 or $2.33 a share. In the same period last year Google won $342.8 million net profit, or $1.19 a share.

If the employee stock compensation regardless of spending and several other one-time project, Google says this quarter will profit of $2.49 per share, far beyond Thomson Financial analyst for 32 after the investigation that $2.22 average expected. This is Google in the past eight quarters seventh break market expectations.

The quarter, Google revenue reached 2.46 billion us dollars, Do you like Microsoft office 2010 trial ?

compared to the same period last year's $1.38 billion increase of 77%. Regardless of the flow (TAC) get cost income is $1.67 billion, and also higher than previously forecast of 1.65 billion dollars on Wall Street.

According to the market research firm comScore released figures, so far this year in June, Google web search market in the United States account for 44.7% of the share, Microsoft Office changes life.

and 36.9% from the same period last year compared with a big increase, further consolidate the leading position.

Google shares that day in the nasdaq market dropped $11.88 in regular trading, closing at $387.12, down 2.98%. By earnings news affect, dish trading after delay, Google rebound $5.42, or 1.4%.

The United States eastern time this week three, IT enterprise successively distribute their own earnings, happy feelings, drive the company's share price uneven go up drop.



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 Microsoft Outlook 2010 Business prospects Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Microsoft Outlook 2010 Business prospects

Expected in December 2005 in the quarter, IR will continue to be the limitation of the capacity, affect their growth potential. Office 2010 is the newest software this year and many people have accepted it.

 We expect this quarter income of IR than a quarter before the growth of 1% to 4%. Open wafer factory and related costs will influence is a fiscal quarter gross margin growth. Based on the above factors, the overall gross profit margin than September quarter will drop about 200 basis points.

Lidow Lidow said: "in the next 2006 years in March and June quarter operating performance, we will run up is expected to increase production capacity, main. There are many improvements in Office 2007 .

With proprietary product design project put into production, and improve our ability to cope with the business opportunities for the short, march quarter performance would be off the income of the seasonal effect. In the June quarter, our performance improvement will be made substantial progress, and as we go into the 2007 fiscal year, IR in all kinds of business will be put into the overall effect operation, the company business hit another record high."

Domestic mobile operators nightmare "winter" far from an end, the loss of the red light for light up, losses than expected and storm comes viciously.

Yesterday, domestic handset boss waveguide announced the third quarterly report, net losses $0.73 per share, total share capital 384 million shares waveguide, Outlook 2010 is on sale now.

as this calculation, the first nine months of the year the $280 million deficit waveguide. This makes waveguide and even the shock. At the same time, the waveguide low-key published "the company in 2005 year will appear bigger loss" forecast, the same period last year, the waveguide net profit is 200 million yuan.





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 Office 2007 professional Proprietary product design project Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Office 2007 professional Proprietary product design project

In the September quarter, IR has started for Intel dual core Paxville server platform to provide products. If add in March 2006 and June quarter for its next generation of server platform to provide products, new business value in 2006 of more than 40 million dollars. Discount Office professional 2010 are for you.

IR by Intel's new platform in the notebook computer application fields successfully increase its product quantity, is expected to be used in March 2006 in the quarter delivery to customers, including samsung and the domestic leading notebook computer maker.

IR in last quarter for the industry's most powerful start desktop computer platform for products, Download Office 2010 changes life.

to meet the DirectFET technology platform a new generation of dual core processor on the performance of the strict request.

IR also won the JVC design project, and has begun to its delivery for digital audio equipment of key products, including the latest IRS20124 D class IR digital audio integrated circuit. In digital TV market, IR also won the plasma displays and LCD display board design projects, clients, customers, including samsung and LG. Toshiba, Windows 7 is the best system ever.

Hitachi, haier and whirlpool are both in the next generation of energy-efficient appliances in the choice of the IR key products.

In the car market, IR integrated circuit for 10 of the system USES fuel injection, consolidate the company in the application field of leadership.





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 Office 2007 Intellectual property business income for 10.4 million dollars Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Office 2007 Intellectual property business income for 10.4 million dollars

The key products

The key products of income for 70.7 million us dollars, accounting for about 26% of total revenue, and last season for us $70.3 million, accounting for 24.9% of total revenue this season. Do you like Microsoft Office 2007 ?

The first key products gross margin was 17.4%, 20.5% last quarter. Maori decline is the main distributor slashed prices and low utilization rate be caused by.

The match of the season on the income of the products is 6% growth, accounting for about 11% of total revenue first. Gross margin was 14.6%, a 2.6% increase last season.

A universal device, the first of the season on income is down about 3%, There are many improvements in Office 2010 download .

accounting for about 16% of our revenue. Gross margin was 19.3%, down 6.5%.

In the first quarter, business operation for a total IR generated $13.8 million cash, September at the end of the quarter, cash and cash investment value is 932 million dollars.

IR chief executive Alex Lidow said: "to solve the problem of our capacity constraints, speed up the Newport in wales to open new eight inches sub-micron wafer factory. December the pace of the second quarter, the factory will end in the first stage of the production, and the second phase of the project is expected to expand in October 2006 to complete. Buy Office 2010 professional to help your office work.

Then, we will have created every year to $210 million to $310 million in income, and new capacity depending on the product mix and decide. With the new production capacity, we will improve performance analog and mixed-signal integrated circuit and DirectFET delivery of the product quantity."



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