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25 October, news, former chairman of the federal reserve, Alan Greenspan, (Alan Greenspan) the house government reform and supervision committee the hearing held that testimony, this financial crisis "happens Discount Office professional 2010 are for you.
once year". He also admits that his idea was wrong. He said, inadequate data is the one of the causes of the financial crisis.
According to foreign media reports say, for a long time, greenspan has been used for computer technology to prevent financial market risk gave high sure. For example, in 2005 he said, with more and more high computer processing power and improved risk assessment model, credit agencies to extend loans to subprime borrowers.
But mister greenspan in a hearing today, Download Office 2010 changes life.
said the computer system input data are rubbish. Alan greenspan, the financial services agency decision based on mathematicians and financial experts too, and gets the analysis of computer and communication technology support. But, the gleaming financial building collapsed last summer, the reason is the risk management system of data input is in the past twenty years of data. As is known to all, the past twenty years financial services business has developed at high speed, from the crisis did not encounter.
Greenspan also said that if the risk management system includes the past financial crises of the data, credit agency on the borrower Windows 7 is the best system ever.
the mortgaged property requirements would be much higher, the financial services industry also not like has so far not a pretty sight.
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- windows office China unicom announced on October 1,,
- download office 2010 Paul Jacob said: "the handset will become digital sixth sense.
- Microsoft Office In simple terms
- Outlook 2010 According to Alibaba
- Microsoft Outlook 2010 Thursday near closed

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Microsoft Outlook Is now a good time to buy yongle

Yesterday afternoon, cathay Pacific (vice President of institutional clients ZhangHong when accepting a reporter to interview think, always the current downturn share prices, Microsoft Office 2010 is good.

it is a takeover offer gome launched the best time. If the board of directors of the yongle not to accept the country "purchase conditions", the country can also be purchased from shareholders a stock of emperor yongle, by the way of a controlling interest has a yongle not impossible.

Famous home appliance industry analysts liu buchen also said, watch the merger case, because this kind of large-scale, integrated, will certainly to foreign capital of best buy into the form the great pressure.

The personage inside course of study thinks, for now, the Chinese electrical appliances chain with the first case whether can--there are many variables. The Office 2010 key is an amazing gift for me.

What exactly is "talking" gome, to throw out the "merger plan", or yongle final compromise or thrown into "poison pill" fight the country "lightning raid", at present it is difficult to make a judgment.

Yesterday, IBM release earnings for the second quarter of 2006. Results shows, because jobs and selling low-margin PC business, IBM increased 11% year-on-year in the second quarter net profit, more than analysts expected. Reuters financial investigation shows, analysts had forecast IBM the second quarter earnings per share $1.29, revenue for 21.9 billion dollars.

As of June 30 in the quarter, IBM's net profit of $2.02 billion and earnings per share of $1.30, an increase of $0.18. In revenue, IBM the second quarter revenue of $21.9 billion, Buy Microsoft Office to help your office work.

$22.3 billion more than the same period last year fell 1.7%. But IBM the second quarter of 2005 revenue from the PC department in $557 million, the department has been lenovo takeover. Not included in the PC department performance, IBM the second quarter revenue year-on-year growth of 1%.




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